The WP-30 PET Fresnel lens array is designed for passive infrared sensors (PIR). It is intended for residential applications where pets mat be in the home. The W-30 lens is ideal for applications in security and lighting control. The lens has long range (66 ft.) and a field of view of 90 degrees. The lens has high sensitivity in the long range zones where a human is likely to cross, but are to high to detect animals. In the shorter range zones that extend to the floor, sensitivity is reduced to allow animals to pass undetected.



· Range: 66 ft. (20 m)

· Field of view: 90º

· Instalation Height: 7-10 ft. (2.1– 3 m)

· Focal Length: 30.5 mm

· Radius of curvature: 23– 55 mm (55 mm optimum)

· Designed to avoid detection of  70 lb. (32 kg) dogs.

· Colors: White and Natural

· Optimized for dual element pyroelectric devices.

· Uniform sensitivity for improved sensor efficiency.

· White light immunity to reduce false triggers.

· UV resistant for outdoor applications.

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WP-30 PET Passive Infrared Lens

Side view of detection pattern.

Plan view of detection pattern.

Dimensions of lens (mm). Pyro should be

Placed 15.0 mm from the top of the lens.