The WCE-24 Fresnel lens array is designed for passive infrared sensors (PIR). The WCE-24 lens is ideal for applications in security and lighting control. The lens has long range (66 ft.) and a field of view of 92 degrees. The lens has uniform sensitivity; each zone has the same optical sensitivity. Because the lens does not have any weak spots, it is possible to reduce the electronic gain. This will help reduce false alarms. The lens has the same dimensions as other popular brands of lenses and can be installed in your sensor without changing its design.



 Range: 66 ft. (20 m)

 Field of view: 92

 Instalation Height: 7-10 ft. (2.1 3 m)

 Focal Length: 23 mm

 Radius of curvature: 23 55 mm (23 mm optimum)

 Colors: White, Grey, and Natural

 Optimized for dual element pyroelectric devices.

 Uniform sensitivity for improved sensor efficiency.

 White light immunity to reduce false triggers.

 UV resistant for outdoor applications.


WCE-24 Passive Infrared Lens

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