The flat window is typically used in a LED or conventional lighting device. It allows transmittance of the the light while protecting the light source and internal electronics. The window is manufactured in polycarbonate to provide high strength and impact resistance. It will not shatter due to impacts or drops from high levels onto hard surfaces. The window has an anti scratch coating and a broadband anti-reflection coating to improve light transmission.



ˇ Material: optical grade polycarbonate

ˇ Optical transmittance> 98%

ˇ Surface roughness < 0.2 micron.

ˇ First coating: anti scratch, both sides

ˇ Second coating: broadband anti-reflection, both sides.

ˇ Thickness: 1.91 mm

ˇ Diameter (D): Variable, 5 to 150 mm, made to customer order

ˇ Optimized for LED lighting applications.


Flat Windows

Samples of Infra-ótica flat windows

Dimensions of Infra-ótica flat window. The diameter is variable and can be made to order.

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