About Us

Our products and services include:

ˇ Fresnel lenses for passive infrared sensors (PIR).

ˇ Custom design and manufacturing of Fresnel lenses and lens arrays for applications in security, PIR, and lighting control applications.

ˇ Optical components for LEDs such as reflectors and lenses.

ˇ Complete LED lighting assemblies.

ˇ Circuit board assemblies for driving LEDs.

ˇ Optical design services.´

ˇ Precision CNC machining and prototyping of optical components.


Infra-ótica offers a family of infrared lenses  for security and lighting control sensors. These lenses are used with a pyro-electric device in a passive infrared sensor. They collect infrared energy from a source, such as human, and concentrate the energy onto the sensor. Typically the lenses include many Fresnel lenslets, in an array to provide detection over a wide area.

Infra-ótica manufactures components for LED lighting. These include optics such as reflectors and lenses,  LEDs mounted on aluminum core boards, and LED drivers.

Our company is based in the New York area. Our manufacturing is located in Shenzhen, China and Minas Gerais, Brazil. For our customers in Brazil we specialize in providing a local supply of optical components.


Optical Engineering and Manufacturing

P-06 Lens for motion sensor

Custom Al core board for CREE LED

Custom LED driver circuit

CNC mills at Shenzhen tooling facility

Injection molding

Fresnel lens array for  passive  infrared motion sensor. Used in security applications.


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