Infra-ótica offers off the shelf plastic optical components for passive infrared sensors (PIR),  lighting controls, motion sensors, and security systems. Our specialty is Fresnel lens arrays. Please see the Products List for our stock products.


Infra-ótica provides optical engineering services and manufacturing  . We work on only optically-based projects. Our expertise is in solutions using plastic optical components, micro structured optics, and Fresnel lenses.  We specialize in Passive Infrared Sensors, for lighting controls and security application, LED lighting, and solar concentrators. We can provide a complete product including lenses, reflectors, electronics, and packaging.


Infra-ótica’s engineering team utilizes the latest mechanical and optical CAD software. Our engineers have experience with Fresnel lenses, micro structured optics, and passive infrared sensors dating to 1993. Our manufacturing is based in Shenzhen, China which allows us to offer economical manufacturing solutions.


Infra-ótica has full manufacturing capabilities:

· Our factory has ISO 9001:2000 and ROHS certifications.

· Plastic injection molding

· Mold making

· Metal fabrication and CNC machining.

· Surface mount PCB assembly.


Infra-ótica, Inc.

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Optical Engineering and Manufacturing

Bayonet LED lamp for  vehicle lighting

T-360 Lens for low profile occupancy sensor.

Passive  infrared motion sensor (PIR) used in security applications. Infra-ótica designs and manufactures stock and custom lenses

CAD example of LED lighting system.


15 East 26th Street, Suite 18C · New York, NY 10010, USA

Telephone: +1.916.834.9283 · Brasil: +55.11.3304.9840 · Hong Kong +852.2127.0512· Fax +1.917.472.7359